En BotBit, nos pasó algo interesante y contraintuitivo: tuvimos mucho éxito comercial, que escondió problemas de fondo de la compañía.

Empezamos ofreciendo una solución para captar datos de consumidores y campañas de marketing automático a cadenas con sucursales físicas en Latam. Estas son algunas métricas que logramos:

  • Licencias activas pagando de Feb 2017 a Feb 2020: ~1000
  • Churn mensual promedio hasta Feb 2020: 2%
  • Clientes inbound: 0% — Clientes inbound: 100%
  • Promedio de contactos necesarios para activar la cuenta de un cliente: 5
  • Expansión de MRR: 0% (clientes empezando con…

Hace poco leyendo mi feed de Twitter, me encontré con un thread muy profundo de Naval Ravikant. Me dejó varias enseñanzas y me reafirmo algunos pensamientos. Aquí, la traducción al español:

  1. Comprende que la creación de riqueza honesta es posible. Si secretamente desprecias la riqueza, te eludirá.
  2. Ignora a las personas que juegan juegos de status. …

Amazon’s most popular product has never once appeared on its list of bestsellers.

But if you’ve ever bought anything from Amazon, then you’ve most certainly bought it: it’s time.

Amazon is a time machine, selling you back the most precious, finite commodity in existence.

Think about it. I buy paper towels from Amazon versus the Safeway in my neighborhood. What am I really buying? Time. When I order a book instead of grabbing it at my local bookstore? I’m getting time. And Amazon’s giving me an incredible deal on it.

Here’s my back-of-the-napkin math:

With an increasing number of brands building beacon-based experiences into their apps, marketers and developers want to know how many of their users have Bluetooth turned on. In addition to answering this question, I’ll take a look at the impact the growing number of connected devices, specifically the Apple Watch, is having on users’ Bluetooth settings.

One question that I often get is: What percentage of my install base has their Bluetooth turned on? …

I just finished reading the book “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose” and I can say it’s definitely one of my favorite books. One of the main messages that the author transmits is that while learning to play Poker we can learn important lessons for our startups and companies. Here, an excerpt from a new book:

What poker can teach entrepreneurs

On my business experience, I I’d played a little bit of poker in college, but like many people, I always just considered it to be a fun form of gambling and had never bothered to actually study it. Back in 1999…

Anyone who has taken an intro to psych or a statistics class has heard the old adage, “correlation does not imply causation.” Just because two trends seem to fluctuate in tandem, this rule posits, that doesn’t prove that they are meaningfully related to one another. While that sounds nice enough on paper, it’s easy to forget when a provocative headline like People Who Have More Sex Make The Most Money woos us with a scenario we wish to be true. (Just imagine what visiting your financial planner could be like!)

Here’s the cure to being duped again. It’s a site…

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Internet entrepreneur. Interested in product design, wellbeing, tech startups, music and travel.

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